Kennedy Baffles Biden Nominee with Simple Question: Epic Fail!

Senator John Neely Kennedy, the pride of Louisiana, has once again shown his knack for highlighting the absurdity of President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees. This time, he had the pleasure of grilling nominee Sara E. Hill during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Hill, thinking she could slide by with some fancy evasions, was in for a rude awakening.

Kennedy, with his impressive education background that includes degrees from Vanderbilt, the University of Virginia, and even Oxford, is more than qualified to teach a law class. And that’s exactly what he did during the hearing. He asked Hill a simple question that even a first-year law student should know: the difference between a “stay order” and an “injunction.” Hill stumbled and mumbled her way through a response, admitting that she wasn’t quite sure. Yikes!

Carrie Severino, President of JCN (the Judicial Crisis Network), shared the embarrassing video on X, rightfully questioning how someone who aspires to be a federal judge can be so clueless about basic legal concepts. But the real shock came when Senator Dick Durban congratulated Hill for “passing the Kennedy bar exam.” Severino noted that this was a clear case of grading on a curve.

Let’s break it down for those who, like Hill, might need a refresher. A stay order is when a court halts a legal proceeding or stops the actions of a party temporarily. On the other hand, an injunction is a court order that either compels or prohibits a specific action. It’s not rocket science, folks.

Kennedy has earned a reputation for exposing the lack of knowledge among Biden’s nominees. Hill, who hails from the Cherokee Nation and has experience as an attorney, was nominated to be a Federal District Judge in Northern Oklahoma. Despite her credentials, her inability to answer a simple question raises serious doubts about her suitability for the position.

In a world where stays and injunctions are a common occurrence in district courts, it’s mind-boggling that a nominee for such a role wouldn’t know the difference. We should be grateful for senators like Kennedy who are willing to hold these nominees accountable and ensure that our judiciary is filled with competent individuals.

Written by Staff Reports

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