Law Prof Exposes Media Ploy to Bury Biden Scandal, GOP Won’t Budge!

The media is desperately trying to dismiss and move past the Joe Biden bribery controversy, but the president is facing more proof. Biden's involvement in this scam is revealed in a report from a reliable source that was provided by the FBI. Even IRS whistleblowers have revealed the Biden Justice Department's efforts to obstruct his son's prosecution. A former Hunter colleague is scheduled to testify about Joe Biden's direct involvement in dubious government access transactions, which will only make problems worse for him. It is obvious that Biden's actions are more incriminating and subject to impeachment than anything Democrats have attempted to fabricate against Trump. The media can make a valiant effort to dismiss the controversy, but their denial of the evidence will fall flat.

It's hilarious to see Rep. Dan Goldman make mistakes while interrogating the IRS whistleblowers. Joe Biden was personally involved in the unethical dealings, and he successfully dismantled the Biden defense. His legal defense is a complete mess. Even the politically forced plea agreement Hunter Biden received for tax evasion and firearms charges is useless. Democrats at the whistleblower hearing had no choice but to complain and assert that there was no supporting documentation, but their screams would not absolve Joe and Hunter Biden of the repercussions of their deeds. The public is not "moving on" from this crisis, according to law professor Jonathan Turley. The testimony of Archer is now another blow to the Bidens' reputation.

It's absurd how desperately the media is trying to "move on" from the Biden corruption issue. They were all too quick to promote the Steele dossier's phony assertions about Russian connection, but they are now ignoring one of the worst corruption scandals in recent history. Whistleblowers' facts and testimony should not be disregarded, yet the truth is still being repressed by the media's biased echo chamber platforms. Fortunately, the general population does not accept their story. According to polls, most people think Hunter Biden was given special protection during the probe. The controversy will continue, with or without the assistance of the media, since the truth has a way of coming out.

It's gratifying to watch the Biden controversy media uproar. It's finally coming to light that Joe Biden has a dubious character, as we have been warning about. The media's efforts to shield him from criticism are failing, and it's amusing to watch them flinch. It's time for the truth to come out so that the American people may recognize Joe Biden for the filthy slime that he truly is—involved in bribery and corruption.

Written by Staff Reports

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