Lefties Lose It: Shock Poll Skyrockets Trump ahead

The Democrats are at it again, getting all worked up over a recent poll showing that President Trump is pulling ahead of President Biden by a whopping 10 points. But let’s be real here, folks. This poll is just one of many, and it’s clearly an outlier. Larry Sabato, the so-called “political scientist” (more like political hack) behind the “Crystal Ball” predictions, even had the audacity to call it “ridiculous” and a “lingering embarrassment” for the Washington Post and ABC News. Talk about sour grapes!

And he’s not alone in his delusions. The New York Times’ chief political analyst, Nate Cohn, is also crying foul. He thinks that if you release two consecutive polls that show Trump in the lead, then there must be something wrong with your methodology. Well, news flash, Nate: maybe the American people are just waking up to the disaster that is the Biden presidency! Maybe they’re realizing that Trump was actually doing a pretty darn good job before Sleepy Joe came along and screwed everything up. But I guess that’s too much for the liberal media to handle.


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Oh, and by the way, this isn’t the first time Sabato has shown his true colors. He’s been spouting off nonsense about President Trump being mentally unbalanced for years. And when Republicans called him out on it, he dismissed it as “intimidation.” Give me a break! This guy thinks he’s untouchable because he’s been around for so long. Well, guess what, Larry? We see right through you and your biased agenda. And we’re not afraid to call you out on it. So keep on whining and crying while the American people continue to see the truth. Trump is back, baby!

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