Luna Blasts Laughing Liberal for Border Chaos!

In a jaw-dropping showdown, Florida Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna fearlessly took on a so-called “immigration expert” at a House committee hearing, and the sparks were flying! The expert, David J. Bier, from the Cato Institute, a shady libertarian think tank bankrolled by the Koch Brothers, shamelessly laughed in Luna’s face when she accused the Biden administration of aiding child trafficking at the southern border. Can you believe that?

Luna, a courageous warrior for conservative values, boldly stood her ground, advocating for separating families at the border to crack down on the criminal coyotes trafficking innocent children. When Luna grilled Bier, calling out the intentional trauma caused by the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies, Bier couldn’t contain his laughter at her. How disrespectful!

But Luna didn’t back down. She demanded to know why Bier found separating families so amusing. “You have no idea if these people are their intentional parents or not,” she asserted, affirming her support for the separation policy to confirm the true parentage of these kids. Luna even took a jab at Bier’s audacious assertion that he had an “idea” about the situation – and rightly so!

In the end, Luna refused to tolerate Bier’s arrogant behavior any longer, blasting him for being “destructive.” She made it abundantly clear that she had zero tolerance for his misguided opinions. The audacity!

Following the tense exchange, Luna courageously defended her stance, refusing to apologize for her bold confrontation with Bier. Many patriots rallied behind her, commending her no-nonsense approach to combating human trafficking at the southern border. They know what’s up!

It’s crystal clear – Luna is unwavering in her fight against the horrors of human trafficking and the liberal agenda at the border. Thanks to Luna’s unyielding determination, the truth about the Biden administration’s complicity in trafficking innocent children is being brought to light. It’s time to stand with Luna and support her in the battle against the elites, Big Tech, and the enemies of America. Together, we can save the country and preserve our conservative values for generations to come! Keep fighting the good fight, Luna!


Written by Staff Reports

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