WI GOP Fights to Save Does, Ensures Hunting Future!

In a proactive move aimed at preserving Wisconsin's revered hunting tradition, a group of Republican legislators has introduced a bill to safeguard the doe population in the northern part of the state. State Representatives Chanz Green, Angie Sapik, Rob Swearingen, and Calvin Callahan, along with Senator Romaine Quinn, are spearheading the initiative to implement a four-year ban on doe hunting in the region. This strategic pause is designed to allow the majestic doe population to flourish and multiply.

The lawmakers championing this critical legislation are staunch advocates for the future of hunting in Northern Wisconsin. By temporarily suspending doe hunting, they underscore their dedication to ensuring that the next generation of hunters can continue to partake in this time-honored tradition. This bill exemplifies thoughtful and forward-thinking governance, prioritizing the interests of hunters and wildlife alike.

Hunters in the Northern Forest Hunting Zone, spanning the northern third of Wisconsin, have grappled with a decline in the antlerless deer population over several years. The data speaks volumes—during November's nine-day gun season, hunters witnessed a significant reduction in the buck harvest compared to the region's five-year average. Furthermore, the doe harvest totals in the zone plummeted by a substantial 27.2% from its five-year average.

While some attribute the decline in deer numbers to the harsh 2022-2023 winter, hunters predominantly point to wolves as the primary culprits behind the diminishing populations. With the introduction of this bill, Republican lawmakers are taking decisive action to address these concerns and secure the future of deer hunting in Wisconsin.

The time has come to advocate for the preservation of the state's natural resources. Through the enactment of this legislation, the GOP is unequivocally conveying their commitment to protecting the Northern Wisconsin doe population, ensuring that the hunting legacy endures for generations. This bill represents a pivotal step toward wildlife conservation and responsible hunting practices. With the support of lawmakers and the hunting community, this legislation is poised to make a lasting impact on Wisconsin's great outdoors.

Written by Staff Reports

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