Matt Gaetz: Is Trump Backing A McCarthy Ouster From Speakership?

In a stunning turn of events, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) successfully removed Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the position of Speaker of the House. Gaetz claims to have had the blessing of former President Donald Trump, adding another layer of drama to this already chaotic situation. McCarthy was ousted from his job in a 216-210 vote, making him the first speaker in American history to be removed in this manner.

This shake-up leaves Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) as the Speaker Pro Tem until a new speaker is elected. McCarthy has already announced that he will not be running for the position in the upcoming election. It seems that Gaetz’s bold move did not sit well with Trump, as the former president expressed his dissatisfaction with the state of the Republican Party on social media earlier in the day.

Gaetz, in true Trumpian fashion, criticized McCarthy as a product of the “swamp” and called for a new speaker who is better than him. The Democrats, on the other hand, made it clear that they neither supported nor trusted McCarthy, pointing to his actions on January 6th and his attempts to make peace with Trump as reasons for their lack of faith in him.

With Trump still holding significant influence over the Republican Party, his opinion on the matter of the next speaker could greatly impact the outcome. As the leader in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, Trump’s endorsement could be a determining factor for some candidates. Regardless of his involvement, this dramatic turn of events sets the stage for further turbulence in the nation’s capital.

Written by Staff Reports

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