Mayorkas Roasted by Hageman: Exposing Censorship & Border Fiasco in Fiery Showdown!

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas found himself in quite a pickle as he stepped into the lion’s den, otherwise known as the House Judiciary Committee. It was clear from the get-go that he would have to face the music for his illegal and unethical leadership of the department. And boy, did he have a fiery opponent in the form of Congresswoman Harriet Hageman, who was not shy about letting Mayorkas know exactly how she felt.

In a scathing tirade that left everyone in awe of her eloquence, Congresswoman Hageman called out Mayorkas for his dance of deception. She didn’t hold back, accusing him of lying and reminding him that the American public saw right through his charade. She even went so far as to compare him to the very tyrants our founding fathers warned against, and thanked them for the First Amendment that stands as a safeguard against power-hungry bureaucrats like him.

Hageman’s words struck a chord, resonating with those who have grown tired of Mayorkas and his cohorts in the “Censorship Industrial Complex.” It’s no secret that they want to control what we can and cannot say, eroding our freedoms in the process. But the congresswoman made it clear that we still have courts and judges who understand that these power grabs have no place in our country.

Congressman Mike Johnson also had some choice words for Mayorkas, labeling him as “the most dishonest witness to ever appear before the Judiciary Committee.” And he’s not wrong. Mayorkas’s tenure has been marred by a lack of integrity and disregard for the rule of law. It’s high time we hold him accountable for his failure to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws.

Mayorkas may have left the hearing in one piece, but it’s clear that the outrage against him is mounting. Republicans, and even some Democrats, are questioning his ability to lead the Department of Homeland Security. It’s time for action, not just words. We cannot afford to have someone like Mayorkas at the helm, jeopardizing the security and sovereignty of our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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