Media Coverage Boosting Trump? ‘The View’ Hosts Fear Their Own Impact

Co-hosts Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin engaged in a heated discussion on The View, exploring the effects of widespread media attention of former President Donald Trump's $250 million civil lawsuit in New York on his prospective 2024 presidential candidacy. Griffin voiced her worries about the trials, claiming they were preventing Trump from participating fully in the campaign. She made a point of saying, "He was informed yesterday that he is broke and handling fraud cases. He was totally cut off from the drama surrounding Kevin McCarthy."


Haines, on the other hand, saw the lighthearted side of the circumstance and said, "They had cameras on the courthouse to see if he walks his little buns in there—big buns, sorry." "We're all talking about him," she continued, highlighting how conversations about other possible candidates were being overshadowed by the continual attention on Trump. He utilizes his dominance of the airwaves to launch his campaign."

The topic of discussion shifted to the judge's decision to issue a gag order, which stops Trump from disparaging court employees verbally. When Sunny Hostin voiced her opinion, she implied that additional gag orders would probably be issued because she thought judges should be protecting their clerks. It appeared that the co-hosts disagreed about how these limitations may affect Trump's conduct. But the underlying idea seems to be that the former president would have problems if he were barred from speaking out because he thrives on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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