Megyn Kelly Debunks Michelle Obama Presidency Dream

Megyn Kelly, renowned conservative commentator, wasted no time dismissing the ridiculous rumor that Michelle Obama would ever run for president. And really, who can blame her? It’s clear that the Former First Lady has no faith in the American people, otherwise she wouldn’t constantly gripe about them and their supposed shortcomings.

While Democrats may see Obama as some sort of “savior” figure, Kelly astutely predicted that her potential candidacy would actually drive Republicans to the polls. After all, Obama has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t particularly “like America.” Remember when she said she was proud of her country for the first time during her husband’s 2008 campaign? It’s just one example among many of her polarizing comments about race and her general lack of patriotism.

And let’s not forget about Obama’s hair. Apparently, she straightened it during her time in the White House because the American people weren’t “ready” for a First Lady with African features. Kelly couldn’t help but roll her eyes at this nonsense. After all, Oprah Winfrey, an absolute billionaire, wore her hair however she pleased on her iconic show and the American people loved her for it.

However, even though Michelle Obama claims she has no interest in politics and prefers a life of leisure as a beloved celebrity, there are concerns about the Obamas’ continued influence in a potential second Biden administration. Some speculate that they’re already running the government from behind the scenes, orchestrating a shadow puppet situation to maintain control. It’s a terrifying thought, really. Is Joe Biden truly making the calls or are they being made by the Obamas?

These concerns were renewed recently when biographer David Garrow published an extensive interview shedding light on the Obamas’ unusual decision to remain in Washington D.C. after leaving office. Rumors have circulated that Biden officials, many of whom are Obama loyalists, hold regular meetings at the Obamas’ house. It’s almost like they never really left.

Naturally, Kelly’s comments struck a nerve at the White House, which, instead of addressing the valid points she raised, resorted to snark. They probably don’t even know how to spell Megyn Kelly’s name correctly! It’s clear that they’re more interested in avoiding the truth than engaging in a meaningful discussion.

In the end, it’s ludicrous to entertain the idea of Michelle Obama running for president. She has consistently demonstrated a lack of faith in the American people and a disdain for their values. We need someone who genuinely loves America, not someone who constantly bemoans its supposed flaws.

Written by Staff Reports

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