IRS Whistleblowers Expose Biden Cover-Up: Dems Flounder in Response

IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Zeigler have bravely come forward to expose the corruption and interference from the Justice Department in their investigations into the Biden family. These courageous men testified about the numerous tax violations by the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and were certain that criminal charges were warranted. However, their efforts were stymied by the Justice Department, likely out of fear that these investigations would implicate Joe Biden himself. It’s no surprise that the Biden family seems to be above the law once again.

Predictably, the House Democrats proved to be completely unprepared and incapable of challenging the claims made by Shapley and Zeigler. Their feeble attempts to debunk or refute the testimony of these credible witnesses were laughable. In fact, the revelations brought forward by these whistleblowers threw a wrench into the Hunter Biden plea agreement. This forced the appointment of US Attorney David Weiss as a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, and conveniently, he is now receiving cover from the FBI.

Let’s not forget the stellar track record of the FBI, which has never lied about anything significant over the past seven years. This paragon of truth, the same agency that railroaded innocent individuals with illegal FISA spy warrants during the Russian collusion hoax, is now vouching for Weiss’s integrity. According to an FBI agent overseeing the Hunter Biden investigation, there was no interference from the Justice Department, directly contradicting the whistleblowers’ claims. Excuse us if we find that hard to believe!

It’s worth noting that while there isn’t concrete evidence to support the claims of Hunter Biden using his father’s name and influence for personal gain, these allegations play a central role in the impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Republicans have long accused Hunter Biden of engaging in shady business deals abroad, and the testimony of the two IRS whistleblowers only adds weight to these allegations.

During the interview with lawmakers, FBI Special Agent Sobocinski disputed Shapley’s earlier account of a meeting in which Weiss allegedly claimed he wasn’t the final authority on filing charges. Sobocinski, who was present at the meeting, stated that he never heard Weiss make such a statement and believed that Weiss had the authority to bring charges without seeking approval from anyone else. We’re sure this dispute will be used to cast doubt on the credibility of the IRS whistleblowers, but the truth will prevail.

Considering the FBI’s history of meddling in Hunter Biden-related investigations and the agency’s reluctance to cooperate with House Oversight, it’s clear that there are many individuals who want to protect the Bidens at all costs. Weiss’s slow-walking of the charges against Hunter Biden and the expiration of the statute of limitations on the more serious tax violations are nothing short of suspicious. If we were dealing with a high-profile figure from a TV show like “Billions,” there would be a relentless pursuit of justice. But when it comes to the Bidens, it seems like there’s a different set of rules.

It’s evident that Weiss’s appointment as a special counsel is part of a larger effort to obstruct House Republicans from obtaining his testimony. The FBI’s pushback and Weiss’s refutation of certain aspects of Shapley and Zeigler’s testimony should be taken with a grain of salt. Trusting the FBI and Weiss is as believable as trusting North Korean state media. It’s time to bring accountability to these federal agencies that have lost the trust of the American public.

Written by Staff Reports

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