Mexico President Backs Trump Vs. Arrest: “Total Fabrication”!

During a press conference on Tuesday, Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) criticized the Biden administration for their alleged hypocrisy in lecturing about human rights abuses. Specifically, AMLO took issue with the administration's prosecution of former U.S. President Donald Trump, which he described as a "fabrication." AMLO's statements suggest that he is resisting the Biden administration's efforts to hold Trump accountable for potential wrongdoing.

AMLO said, "Right now, ex President Trump is saying that they're going to arrest him." "If that were the case, it'd be so that his name doesn't show up on the ballot. I tell this because they also made up a crime against me when they didn't want me to run for office, which is completely undemocratic…. Why not let the people make the decision?"

AMLO rejected a report about Mexico's corruption and human rights violations, stating that it was untrue, and further criticized the U.S. for presuming to be the world's governing authority. He then proceeded to cite several instances of alleged human rights violations by the Biden administration, including the detention of Julian Assange, the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline, and the arrest of a prominent presidential candidate.

AMLO's actions demonstrate his resistance to what he perceives as hypocrisy on the part of the Biden administration. Although Mexico has its own problems with corruption and human rights abuses, it is not resorting to unfounded charges to arrest former presidents like the Biden administration is with Donald Trump. AMLO's leadership in this regard is commendable, as he is willing to speak out against double standards and advocate for what he believes is right.

Regrettably, it seems that the Biden administration prioritizes its own political agenda over human rights and democracy. It appears that they are willing to resort to any tactics to silence opposition and retain control, even if it means disregarding fundamental principles of democracy and human rights.

The Biden administration should cease its practice of lecturing other nations about democracy and human rights, especially considering their failure to uphold these principles themselves. It is crucial to expose and denounce the hypocrisy of the Biden administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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