Trump Unveils Plan To Dismantle the Deep State!

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, the former president, revealed his latest strategy to "dismantle the deep state" and establish a government controlled by the citizens. This initiative is a crucial measure in the United States' journey towards progress, as it aims to make certain that independent civil servants and long-serving politicians are answerable for their conduct.

According to a video posted on Rumble, the former president has unveiled a list of ten measures to "purge the deep state," the first of which is to reinstate an executive order empowering the president to dismiss civil servants. This is a significant step taken by Trump that will contribute to eradicating corruption in the Washington Swamp.

In addition, Trump pledged to advocate for term limits on members of Congress to combat the prevalence of career politicians. This is a measure that many conservative Republicans have long been advocating, as it will prevent politicians from becoming too entrenched in their positions. Furthermore, Trump highlighted that nearly 100,000 roles could be relocated outside of Washington, similar to his administration's decision to move the Bureau of Land Management to Colorado. This is an excellent approach to ensure that government officials are not overly entrenched in their roles and can be held accountable for their conduct.

The former president will also prohibit federal civil servants from seeking positions in companies that they regulate and interact with, including "Big Pharma." This is an effective approach to prevent any conflict of interest between government officials and the corporations they oversee. Trump also intends to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which will disclose and publish all records related to Deep State espionage, censorship, and corruption. This is an excellent strategy to ensure openness and responsibility in government affairs.

In general, Trump's strategy to "deconstruct the deep state" is a crucial step in the United States' right direction. It will aid in holding independent civil servants and long-serving politicians responsible for their actions and restoring a government that is controlled by the people. It is evident that Trump's plan will be advantageous for the United States, and conservative Republicans should be enthusiastic about this new policy plan.

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