DeSantis Finally Fires Back at Trump:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has finally responded to former President Trump’s criticisms of him, distinctly differentiating himself from Trump in several ways. During a recent interview with Piers Morgan on Fox Nation, the governor emphasized his “no daily drama” style of leadership and contrasted himself with the former president’s more outspoken nature. DeSantis argues that with his approach to governance, he prioritizes the agenda of the people and removes personnel with their own agendas. On the other hand, Trump included his own agenda and drama to his work. DeSantis takes pride in his well-focused and effortful governing style without sparks of daily dramas.

Furthermore, the governor expresses his thoughts regarding the Covid-19 pandemic saying he would have fired Dr. Anthony Fauci long ago. He believes that he got a lot of credit for accomplishing things he didn’t do and criticized him for letting the fame swamp him. DeSantis controversially claimed that Fauci caused significant damages and that he would have sacked him.

When asked about Trump’s nicknames for him, DeSantis admitted that he doesn’t know how to spell one of them, but he’s happy to take either way as long as he’s a winner. Emphasizing his record of putting ‘points on the board’ and taking the state to the next level, DeSantis emphasizes that he wants to be called a winner, regardless of any nickname.

DeSantis claims all the objections triggered by Trump’s criticisms are just ‘background noise’. He’s not interested in fighting people on social media because it doesn’t benefit his constituents. Rather, he focuses on knocking out victories, day after day. DeSantis believes that personal integrity is the key to leadership, citing the Founding Fathers and George Washington as examples of characters to look up to. He admires how Washington put the Republic over his own personal interest.

DeSantis also discusses the speculation around his relationship with Trump, arguing that the big break-up between the two men may have started because he got too popular. Despite this, DeSantis insists that he wants other Republicans to do well and set high standards. Some of Trump’s most dedicated supporters have criticized DeSantis as an “establishment Never Trump who despises the MAGA base.” Still, Morgan has refuted these claims, saying that his approach to government governance is the right direction for Republican leadership.

Written by Staff Reports

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