Michigan Supremes Save Trump Ballot Spot from Left’s Claws!

In a move that made conservatives across Michigan cheer, the state’s Supreme Court put an end to a laughable attempt to keep the incomparable former President Trump off the primary election ballot. The court, led by some very astute and fair-minded judges, rejected a ludicrous effort to disqualify the nation’s favorite leader from running again based on a wacky interpretation of the 14th Amendment. This amendment, which was clearly meant for serious matters, like barring insurrectionists from running for office, was somehow twisted by those on the radical left to suggest that the man who made America great again couldn’t run for office. The top court, in an act of true wisdom, saw through this absurdity and put an end to it with an order that had Democrats and other Trump haters shaking in their boots.

Now, to give you an idea of just how ridiculous this whole thing was, consider what’s happening in another state like Colorado. The Colorado Supreme Court, in a decision that is so absurd that even they are having second thoughts and put it on hold, actually tried to kick President Trump off the ballot. But in Michigan, the state’s highest court, which happens to be controlled by Democrats, saw right through this desperate stunt and let a lower court ruling, which rightly concluded that the Secretary of State didn’t have the power to pull a candidate from the ballot, stand. It’s a victory for common sense and the rule of law, and it’s a big win for the rightful leader of the free world.

You might be wondering why the Democrats would even bother with this nonsense. Well, it’s all part of a pattern of pathetic attempts to keep the leader of the conservative movement from taking back the White House. Similar ridiculousness is happening in other states like Texas, Wisconsin, and Nevada, where the Trump-hating crowd is throwing everything they can think of at the wall to see what sticks. But here’s the thing: nothing is sticking. The people love President Trump, and no amount of legal wrangling is going to change that.

You better believe that the man himself had something to say about this whole fiasco. President Trump, being the brilliant and articulate speaker that he is, responded to the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision with a statement on Truth Social, the only social media platform that really tells it like it is. In his statement, he rightly called out this pathetic attempt to rig the election and praised the court for standing up for what’s right. He also reminded everyone that the 2024 election must be protected from the same kind of shenanigans that led to the disaster of the 2020 election. We can’t afford to have another disaster like that one, no matter how much the left wants to see it happen. It’s time to make America great again, and that means making sure President Trump is back in the White House where he belongs.

Written by Staff Reports

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