Musk schools BBC reporter on spreading fake news about Twitter content

Billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of the social media platform Twitter, recently went head to head with BBC North America tech reporter James Clayton. During the interview, Clayton claimed that there was more hateful content being posted on the platform since Musk took over. However, when challenged, Clayton failed to provide any specific examples of this supposed rise in hatred.

Musk, frustrated with Clayton’s inability to provide even a single example, called him out for spreading false claims. Musk rightfully argued that Clayton did not know what he was talking about and accused Clayton of lying. This encounter highlights the media’s reckless and unfounded allegations against conservatives all the time.

Clayton then tried to change the subject to COVID-19 misinformation and Musk’s decision to remove the label Twitter previously used to censor tweets about COVID-19 and vaccines. However, Musk, being the sharp businessman he is, did not let Clayton off the hook.

Musk pointed out the BBC’s inconsistencies when it comes to reporting on COVID-19 and vaccine-related information. He asked Clayton if the BBC takes any responsibility for spewing misinformation, particularly when it comes to possible side effects of vaccination or the benefits of wearing masks. Clayton did not respond appropriately to any of these questions.

It is clear from this interview that the media is desperate to find any possible way to discredit conservative leaders like Elon Musk. Despite the lack of evidence, they are quick to accuse conservatives of spreading hate and misinformation. Thankfully, people like Elon Musk are not afraid to stand up to the media’s constant disinformation campaign.

Written by Staff Reports

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