NBC Provides Cover for Biden During Debate Claims He Has a Cold

NBC Comes to Biden’s Defense: Claims Biden Suffering from a ‘Cold’

In a concerning turn of events, the mainstream media rushed to President Biden’s defense during a crucial moment in the recent presidential debate. NBC shockingly reported that Biden was merely suffering from a “cold” as he faced relentless criticism from former President Trump. This convenient revelation conveniently surfaced 50 minutes into the debate, just when Biden appeared to be struggling to keep up.

A spokesperson for Biden attempted to downplay the situation by attributing the president’s shortcomings to a common cold, insisting that Biden was gradually finding his footing. However, Biden’s gaffes during the debate quickly overshadowed any attempts at justification. From wildly inaccurate statements about the number of “trillionaires” in America to painfully awkward freezes in his speech, Biden’s performance left much to be desired. 


The timing of NBC’s assertion that Biden had a cold raised eyebrows, sparking speculation about the media’s motives in providing cover for the struggling president. Rather than addressing his apparent health issues before the debate, NBC chose to introduce the narrative mid-debate, leading many to question the transparency of their reporting.

Biden’s notable falter when discussing Medicare, where he stumbled over his words and ultimately froze in confusion, captured a pivotal moment in the debate. Trump wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to highlight Biden’s incoherence, further emphasizing the president’s struggles with articulation throughout the event. Despite abysmally low expectations for Biden’s performance, he failed to meet even the most modest standards, leaving viewers with a lasting impression of his inadequacy.

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