Never On Trump’s Watch: How Israel Attack Would’ve Been Averted

Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to put the blame for global turmoil squarely on President Joe Biden. Trump asserted that if the 2020 election had not been stolen from him, we wouldn’t be witnessing the current overseas chaos. In true Trump fashion, he emphasized the importance of elections by writing in all caps. He also linked the recent attack on Israel to Biden’s alleged theft of the election.

Trump then turned his attention to Iran, stating that they were once “broke and talking,” but now they are “rich and watching.” This comment seems to refer to Iran’s satisfaction in seeing Israel struggle with a ground invasion of Gaza, home to Hamas terrorists. Trump claimed that just weeks before the attack, the Biden administration authorized a $6 billion payment to Iran, some of which may have made its way to Hamas.

Continuing his tirade, Trump pointed to “Crooked Joe Biden” as the common denominator in all the chaos. He used this nickname to criticize Biden’s questionable family connections and his son Hunter’s involvement in a federal criminal case. Trump lamented the shift from the peace achieved through the Abraham Accords under his administration to the current death and destruction. However, he expressed optimism that this problem can be solved, ending his statement with his signature slogan, “Make America Great Again!”

The Abraham Accords, a series of historic agreements between Middle Eastern countries brokered by Trump, were highlighted. These agreements included the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Trump’s claim was reinforced by an individual who managed to escape Israel via one of the few flights to the UAE. According to this person, without Trump’s efforts, he would have been left stranded near the war zone.

Lastly, Trump criticized the White House for tacitly approving Israel’s intense bombing campaign in Gaza. He accused Hamas of beheading babies and engaging in mass slaughters, justifying the Israeli offensive. As a result, Gaza has been subjected to severe restrictions on supplies such as food, water, and electricity to weaken Hamas’s operations.

The conservative bias is evident through the use of the nicknames “Crooked Joe Biden” and the emphasis on Trump’s achievements in the Abraham Accords. The tone is also characteristic of Trump’s style, with the use of all caps and exclamatory statements.

Written by Staff Reports

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