New Hampshire Defies Biden, DNC: Boldly Keeps First Primary Tradition Alive

New Hampshire Keeps Its Spot as First Primary, Stands Up to Biden and the DNC

In a bold move that sticks it to Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), New Hampshire has decided to maintain its longstanding tradition of holding the first presidential primary in the nation. This has sent shockwaves through the ranks of the DNC, who had attempted to reshuffle the early states in an effort to pander to minority voters and highlight their so-called “diversity.” But New Hampshire isn’t buying it.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Dave Scanlan made the announcement, revealing that the state will likely hold its primary on January 23, 2024. With this decision, New Hampshire directly challenges the new presidential nominating calendar proposed by the DNC, which had moved South Carolina to the lead position on February 3, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada shortly after. Talk about a power move!

Scanlan, in an interview with Fox News Digital before announcing the date, made it clear that the DNC’s narrative about New Hampshire’s lack of diversity is nothing but smoke and mirrors. There are more important reasons why New Hampshire should go first, and he will discuss those points soon. Bravo, Scanlan!

This defiance by New Hampshire to retain its first-in-the-nation status not only maintains a century-old tradition but also serves as a stinging rebuke to both the DNC and President Biden. The state law in New Hampshire specifically mandates that it holds the first primary one week ahead of any similar contest. By sticking to their guns, New Hampshire could potentially face sanctions from the DNC, including the loss of half its delegates to the national convention. But sometimes, you have to stand up for what you believe in, consequences be damned.

Over the years, New Hampshire has earned its place in the U.S. presidential election process. Since 1920, it has consistently held the first primary in the election cycle. In the 1950s, this primary gained significant status as candidates recognized its importance and began using it as a key part of their campaign strategy.

The state is famous for its “retail politics,” where candidates engage in small-scale, personal campaigning. This unique approach allows voters to have direct face-to-face interactions with presidential hopefuls, making it a crucial testing ground to evaluate candidates’ authenticity and convictions. Who needs flashy TV ads when you can shake hands and have a chat with the people?

To maintain its first-in-the-nation status, New Hampshire law mandates that its primary must be held at least seven days before any similar election in another state. This ensures that New Hampshire retains its influential role. The specific date of the primary is determined by the New Hampshire Secretary of State, taking into account the schedules of other states to comply with the law. Flexibility at its finest!

Despite its small size, New Hampshire wields disproportionate influence in the nomination process due to its early primary. A strong showing in the Granite State can provide a much-needed boost (aptly called the “New Hampshire bounce”), while a poor performance can be devastating. Republican or Democrat, candidates know they cannot ignore New Hampshire.

Republican Governor Chris Sununu, no stranger to criticizing President Biden and the DNC, is expected to be present at Scanlan’s announcement and give a speech. In a September interview with Fox News, Sununu made his sentiment clear, stating that Biden has completely messed this up for himself and his party. New Hampshire is going first, no matter what! He also voiced his frustration at the president insulting the Democrats of his state. It’s about time someone stood up for the people!

Critics argue that New Hampshire’s predominantly white population doesn’t reflect the diversity of the Democratic Party. While it’s true that New Hampshire might not be the most ethnically diverse state, it’s worth noting that a significant portion of the electorate is registered as “undeclared,” meaning they can choose to vote in either party’s primary. This adds an element of unpredictability, making New Hampshire an intriguing battleground for candidates.

Ah, the sweet sound of freedom and tradition ringing through the mountains and valleys of New Hampshire. The state’s decision to maintain its status as the first primary is a triumphant moment for conservative values and a slap in the face to the DNC’s attempts at social engineering through their reshuffling efforts. Let the lively campaign season begin, with New Hampshire leading the way, just as it has for over a century.

Written by Staff Reports

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