Watters Unmasks White House Cocaine Cover-Up, Leftists Fume

Fox News host Jesse Watters is like a dog with a bone, digging into stories that the left-wing media and the Biden administration want to bury. Watters has been relentless in uncovering the truth about the cocaine found in the White House back in July, despite attempts to sweep it under the rug.

Watters revealed that he obtained over 100 pages of documents through a Freedom of Information Act request, exposing the lies and inconsistencies of the Secret Service. The documents revealed conflicting stories about where the cocaine was found, with the location redacted, and initial tests on the substance coming back positive for opioids and amphetamines before being identified as cocaine.

In addition, Watters pointed out that the Secret Service initially claimed they found no DNA on the cocaine bag, but the documents indicated otherwise, with three tubes of DNA collected from the evidence. This contradiction suggests that the Secret Service may have tampered with evidence and misled the public.

Watters’ report raises serious questions about the integrity of the Secret Service and the credibility of the White House. It appears that the highest levels of government are complicit in protecting the current White House resident and his family, making a genuine investigation seem unlikely.

The Western Journal, where Watters made these revelations, has been labeled “dangerous” for speaking the truth. They rely on their readers’ support to continue their mission of exposing false narratives and defending traditional American values.

Written by Staff Reports

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