Biden Family Chinese Cash Connection Exposed! Swampier Than Ever?

In an exclusive report from a well-respected and totally unbiased news source, it has been revealed that the Biden family may be involved in some pretty sketchy dealings with China. According to this bombshell report, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) suspects that President Joe Biden is being “soft” on China because of shady business ties involving his son, Hunter, and his brother, James.

The report claims that Hunter Biden conveniently founded a Chinese investment fund just 12 days after tagging along with his father on an official trip to China aboard Air Force Two. Coincidence? We think not! It seems like Hunter was well on his way to making some sweet deals in China, with a little help from his dear old dad.

As if that wasn’t fishy enough, Hunter and James Biden allegedly received over $6 million from a Chinese energy company known to have close ties to the Chinese government. It’s starting to smell like a whole seafood buffet in here! And it gets even murkier when you add in the fact that there were some threatening text messages from Hunter to a China-based associate, with mentions of “sitting here with my father” and “I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge.”

President Biden has denied any wrongdoing, but come on, would a little thing like an FBI informant’s claim about a $10 million Ukraine bribery scheme and the whole Burisma debacle really be enough to slow down the Biden family’s gravy train in China? We didn’t think so either!

It’s clear that there are some serious questions to be answered here and it’s high time that the Biden family comes clean about their questionable connections with China. Until then, it looks like the Biden family’s cozy relationships with China might just be the prime example of the swamp that President Trump was always talking about draining. And we all know that if there’s one thing President Trump is good at, it’s keeping an eye on the swamp!

Written by Staff Reports

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