18 States Rally against Trump’s DC Gag Order: Fighting for freedom?

A group of 18 Republican state attorneys general have rallied together to support former President Donald Trump in his fight against a gag order imposed by D.C. Court of Appeals District Judge Tanya Chutkan. These GOP attorneys general are not backing down in their mission to ensure that Trump’s First Amendment rights are protected against any unlawful restrictions.

This legal maneuver mirrors the actions taken by 25 states when they filed amicus briefs in Texas v. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, & Pennsylvania, seeking Supreme Court intervention in the 2020 Electoral College certification. Now, 16 states have come forward, joining Iowa and West Virginia’s attorneys general, Brenna Bird and Patrick Morrisey, to file an amicus brief arguing that Judge Chutkan has gone too far in her judicial role by imposing this unconstitutional gag order.

In their brief, the states emphasized that the district court’s order is too broad and inhibits Trump’s ability to address important campaign issues. They firmly stated that the order cannot withstand any level of scrutiny, as it muzzles a major presidential candidate during a crucial election period. Furthermore, the order is deemed impermissibly vague, failing to articulate what it means to “target” the individuals mentioned, thus unlawfully suppressing President Trump’s free speech rights.

The attorneys general emphasized their role as administrators of free and fair elections, arguing that they have a vested interest in ensuring that no illegal prior restraint is imposed on any major political candidate. They made it clear that American citizens have the right to hear from major political candidates during an election. They believe that Judge Chutkan’s order not only threatens President Trump’s free speech rights but also undermines the interests of the states by infringing upon their ability to hear from a presidential candidate.

Brenna Bird took to social media to express her support for Trump’s right to free speech, stating that restricting a political candidate’s ability to communicate with the American people sets a dangerous precedent and is a disservice to voters. She thanked Patrick Morrisey for joining her in pushing back against this infringement on Trump’s First Amendment rights.

In addition to Iowa and West Virginia, the states of Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah have also joined the amicus brief to protect freedom of speech for all political candidates.

It is evident that Trump’s battles against gag orders imposed by both Judge Chutkan and New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron have gained significant attention. The threat of jail time from Engoron, particularly targeting the 2024 GOP frontrunner, represents an unprecedented level of judicial interference in a presidential election. These actions only serve to further divide the nation, intensifying polarization and tensions between liberals and conservatives.

In the face of these challenges and threats, it is important for conservatives to stand up for the principles of free speech and fair elections. The support from these Republican state attorneys general demonstrates their commitment to preserving the democratic process and ensuring that all candidates have an equal opportunity to express their views.

Written by Staff Reports

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