Non-Trump Candidates Scurry as Noem States the Blatant!

GOP Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota has confirmed rumors that she may jump into the 2024 presidential race. However, she believes now is not the right time to run for president. Noem acknowledges that no Republican can win the nomination as long as former President Trump is in the race. She made these remarks during an interview on Fox and Friends. Noem believes Trump’s strong presence and dominance in the polls make it difficult for any other candidate, including Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, to gain traction. According to RealClearPolitics, Trump holds a commanding 38-point average lead in the polls, currently polling at 53.9 percent on average.

Noem also teased her potential endorsement of a GOP candidate, strongly hinting that she would support Trump. She praised Trump for being an inspirational leader and allowing her to govern her state without interference from President Biden. Noem emphasized her reputation as a successful candidate who has never lost an election and stated that if she were to enter the race, she would win. Furthermore, when asked about the possibility of being Trump’s running mate, Noem neither confirmed nor denied the speculation. She mentioned that she would address that situation if it were to arise, clarifying that Trump has not approached her about becoming his vice president.

Pollster Richard Baris believes that there is a strong segment of voters who are exclusively loyal to Trump and will not support any other Republican candidate. He argues that Governor DeSantis cannot win the general election without the support of the “Trump or bust” voters, as their influence surpasses that of the NeverTrump movement. Baris suggests that this reality makes it nearly impossible for DeSantis, or any other Republican candidate, to secure victory without the backing of the MAGA vote.

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