NYC Eateries in Immigrant Hotel to Shut Down – Here’s Why!

Danny Meyer, the founder of Shake Shack, has announced the closure of his two restaurants located in The Redbury Hotel in New York City. The reason behind this decision? The hotel has transformed into a shelter for illegal immigrants. This move comes as a surprise, considering that just earlier this month, a spokesperson claimed that the hotel’s operations would not be affected by the new residents.

However, it seems the reality has hit home for Meyer. In a recent statement, he expressed his disappointment and explained that the extended timeline for the hotel’s reopening, due to the partnership with the city to house asylum seekers, has made it clear that operating his restaurants in the hotel is no longer viable. He also expressed his support for the Redbury’s initiative and highlighted the need for policy changes that expedite work permits for asylum seekers.

This development shines a light on yet another consequence of the influx of illegal immigrants into cities like New York. As Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has warned, this growing population could have detrimental effects on the city’s budget. The economic engine of the state and country may suffer if the burden becomes too great to bear. It’s not just Adams sounding the alarm; other cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and even the governor of Massachusetts are feeling the weight as well.

This situation raises important questions about immigration policies and their concrete impact on local businesses and cities. While it’s admirable to support and provide for those seeking asylum, it’s crucial to find a balance that ensures the stability and prosperity of both the immigrant population and the host communities.

Written by Staff Reports

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