Pelosi Hesitates on Harris? Dems Panic Over 2024 VP Pick

In the latest episode of “Democrats in Disarray,” it seems like even Nancy Pelosi can’t fully endorse Kamala Harris. The California liberal may give Harris a pat on the back for being “politically astute,” but let’s face it, that’s about as accurate as Joe Biden’s math skills. Harris has been nothing short of a trainwreck for this administration, with her endless word salad episodes and awkward behavior. No wonder they’re keeping her out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Rumor has it that even some Democrats are quietly admitting that Joe Biden is too old for the job. But here’s the kicker – they also think Harris is unqualified. That’s right, folks. The woman who is one heartbeat away from the presidency lacks the credentials to even tie her own shoelaces. It’s no wonder columnists are writing pieces about dumping Harris. And while it may be just wishful thinking at this point, it’s an idea worth considering – at least academically, of course.

According to Politico, three columnists have suggested picking a new running mate for President Biden to boost his chances of reelection in 2024. They believe that a stronger vice president would make Biden more electable, both within the country and the Democratic Party. One columnist even suggests names like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Sen. Raphael Warnock, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, or Rep. Lauren Underwood as possible replacements for Harris. Now, these options may not be great, but let’s face it – Democrats don’t have any good ones.

Sure, there’s a risk involved in ditching the first Black and female vice president for someone else. But there’s also a risk in saddling an 81-year-old nominee with an exceptionally unpopular running mate who might just snatch the party’s nomination in 2028. So, it’s a lose-lose situation for the Democrats. Tough luck, guys.

But here’s the real kicker – dumping Harris might not even affect Biden’s support from Black voters. Writer Josh Barro analyzed the situation and concluded that Harris was never a big draw for them to begin with. After all, she hasn’t exactly been elected in a jurisdiction with a significant Black population. So much for Harris being a representative and champion for marginalized communities. It seems like she’s more interested in being a punchline than a vice president.

In conclusion, while it’s unlikely that Harris will be going anywhere anytime soon, the fact that Democrats are even discussing Joe’s age and the possibility of ditching Kamala shows that they’re getting nervous about a Trump-Biden rematch. They know they need to upgrade their roster, but unfortunately for them, finding someone qualified and competent seems to be a challenge. And we conservatives can only smile and watch as they continue to unravel.

Written by Staff Reports

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