Pelosi Spins More Falsehoods About Trump’s Impeachment Saga!

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic congresswoman who led impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump, is facing scrutiny for her double standard when it comes to impeachment. When asked about her criticism of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to launch an impeachment inquiry without a full House vote, Pelosi brushed it off as “hogwash” and claimed that there was no need for a vote during Trump’s impeachment.

However, this claim is not accurate. In October 2019, Pelosi rejected calls for a vote on her decision to impeach Trump, saying that it was not necessary because her investigation was well underway. This is a clear double standard, as Pelosi is now criticizing McCarthy for not following the same process that she herself ignored.

This double standard is further highlighted by the fact that some Democrats had suggested holding a full House vote during Trump’s impeachment, in case the courts ruled that it was necessary to begin the proceedings. Pelosi rejected this idea, saying that she had all the power she needed to compel testimony. It seems that Pelosi is only interested in following the rules when they suit her own agenda.

This latest falsehood from Pelosi only adds to the narrative that Democrats are saying one thing about President Trump, but doing another when it comes to a Democratic president. This kind of hypocrisy undermines the credibility of the impeachment process and further divides the country along partisan lines.

Republicans have also pointed out that there is evidence of potential wrongdoing by President Biden that should be investigated. Despite Pelosi’s attempts to dismiss these claims, GOP leaders like House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan have laid out the reasons why an impeachment inquiry is warranted. It is clear that Pelosi’s double standard is not based on principle, but on political expediency.

Written by Staff Reports

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