Pence Slammed as ‘Sellout’ in Fiery New Hampshire Confrontation!

Former Vice President Mike Pence is facing some serious backlash from voters in New Hampshire, and it’s not looking good for his campaign. Pence has been on the wrong side of most Republican voters by expressing his belief that Donald Trump should not be president again. This is a major problem considering Trump is leading by a large margin in most polls of the Republican primary. Pence also made some questionable remarks about Joe Biden’s handling of military resources in Ukraine during an interview with Tucker Carlson. And to make matters worse, he failed to properly respond to the latest Special Counsel indictment regarding the 2020 election, showing a lack of support for the rule of law and the potential weaponization of the government by his political opponents.

But Pence didn’t stop there. He made it even worse by criticizing Trump’s attorneys as “crackpot lawyers” who encouraged him to challenge the election. This is a stark contrast from what Pence was saying just a few months ago, when he expressed doubts about the last election and promised to have his day in Congress to hear the objections and evidence. It’s clear that voters are not buying Pence’s flip-flopping and are expressing their disappointment in him. During his visit to New Hampshire, he was called a “traitor” and a “sellout,” and one voter asked why he didn’t uphold the Constitution. In response, Pence arrogantly told the voter to “Read it.” It’s safe to say that Pence’s campaign is imploding, and he’s not winning any popularity points with his defensive and dismissive attitude. It’s no wonder he’s polling so low at around three percent. There’s only so much implosion one campaign can take, but Pence seems determined to keep going.

Written by Staff Reports

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