Poll Reveals Biden Losing Latino Voters to Trump on Immigration Issues

Looks like President Joe Biden’s ship is taking on water faster than the Titanic. With voters fleeing faster than border crossers running from ICE, it’s clear that a majority of crucial demographics are now casting their gaze towards the GOP, particularly former President Donald Trump.

According to a new Equis poll, Biden’s grasp on Latino voters—once an unwavering Democrat stronghold—is slipping. More Latino voters now trust Trump than Biden when it comes to handling immigration. Imagine that: the man who allegedly built cages being more trusted than the one who promised to dismantle them. This shift speaks volumes about Biden’s failure to deliver on his grandiose promises of a pathway to citizenship. The data doesn’t lie; 41 percent of Latino respondents have thrown their lot in with Trump, compared to a measly 38 percent who still believe Biden can fix the immigration conundrum he’s helped to create.

With 36.2 million U.S. Latinos eligible to vote in the upcoming election, the Hispanic demographic is set to play kingmaker—or in Biden’s case, his political executioner. Biden’s inability to keep his promises has left 72 percent of American Latinos “somewhat or very concerned” and scratching their heads over why they should vote blue again. Compare that to the 64 percent worried about Trump’s “extreme measures” at the border, and it’s easy to see where the frustration lies.

Carlos Odio, the co-founder of Equis Labs, admits there is “great uncertainty in support” for Biden among Latinos. The Democratic Party has clearly lost the shine they once had in these communities. The recent Pew Research poll hammers this point home with 74 percent of Latinos voicing their disapproval of how Biden’s administration is—or more accurately, isn’t—handling the crisis at the border. As if that wasn’t enough, a CBS/YouGov survey shows 62 percent of Hispanic voters support the extreme notion of deporting every illegal immigrant from the U.S.

Both Biden and Trump have ramped up efforts to court the all-important Latino vote as the November election looms closer. Biden is busy playing catch-up in states like Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, among others. Meanwhile, Trump, always ahead of the curve, has launched “Latino Americans for Trump,” pulling notable Latino community members into his coalition. The Trump campaign has declared war on the Democrat strongholds, promising visits to areas that presidential candidates usually avoid like the plague to sway “persuadable Black and Hispanic voters.”

Adding to Biden’s woes, an Economist/YouGov poll reveals that only 29 percent of Americans approve of the president’s handling of immigration—a situation worsened by the 17 million illegal immigrants who’ve poured across the border under Biden’s watch.

As November approaches, it’s increasingly clear: Biden’s promises were merely a house of cards, and now, Latino voters are going all-in with the GOP to fix the mess.

Written by Staff Reports

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