Pope Francis Approves First Millennial Saint Carlo Acutis

Get ready to welcome the first millennial saint in the Catholic Church! Pope Francis has given the green light to Blessed Carlo Acutis to become a saint after a miracle was attributed to him. Ah, miracles, they just warm the heart, don’t they?

Carlo, also known as the “patron saint of the Internet,” was a cool kid born in 1991 in London, England, raised in Milan, and sadly passed away at the young age of 15 due to leukemia. But in his short life, he left quite an impression! In fact, he made a video before he died, saying he was okay with passing on and requested to be buried in the same place as Saint Francis in Assisi. Talk about aiming high! His wish was granted, and he rests peacefully in Assisi today.

And get this, in 2020, Pope Francis himself made a trip to Assisi for Carlo’s beatification. Now that’s some serious VIP treatment! But hey, if you’re on your way to sainthood, you deserve a little papal visit, right?

Now, to become a full-fledged saint, you need a miracle under your belt. No, not like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, a legit miracle. A woman named Liliana from Costa Rica prayed at Carlo’s tomb for her daughter Valeria. Poor Valeria had a nasty fall off her bike, resulting in some serious head trauma. Doctors were shaking their heads, saying her chances weren’t looking too promising.

But hold up, here comes the miracle part! After a visit to Carlo’s resting place, Valeria started showing signs of improvement. Breathing, moving, talking – things were looking up! Within days, the doctors were amazed to find that her condition had drastically improved. A CAT scan even showed that her hemorrhage had vanished! Valeria and Liliana were so grateful for this remarkable turn of events that they went back to Assisi to give thanks.

Pope Francis himself has praised Carlo for being a digital whiz kid, using the Internet and media for spreading positivity and the Gospel. He even called out the dark side of technology, warning about the dangers of getting sucked into materialism and negativity. But Carlo? Oh, he knew how to navigate the digital world like a pro, spreading good vibes and beauty all around.

So, get ready to witness history! Pope Francis is gearing up to make Carlo Acutis an official saint. It’s like the Oscars of sainthood – red carpets, fancy attire, and a whole lot of blessings! Let’s see the conservative media spin this one – saints, miracles, and a touch of modern flair. Sounds like the Catholic Church’s millennial makeover is in full swing!

Written by Staff Reports

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