RFK Jr. Surpasses Ballot Signature Requirement in New York by Triple

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign has successfully submitted enough signatures to be on the ballot for the upcoming November 5 election in New York. The campaign revealed that they turned in more than 135,000 signatures, which is three times the number required for ballot access in the state. The signatures were brought to the New York State Board of Elections office in Albany by volunteers.

In an online message, Mr. Kennedy mentioned that he had submitted more signatures than any previous presidential candidate in New York. The campaign’s Northeast regional field director, Will Boothby, commended the grassroots effort and the dedication of over 900 volunteers from all 63 counties in New York. He highlighted the campaign’s extensive activities, including rallies, a college bus tour, and numerous local events.

Mr. Kennedy’s campaign also expressed frustration with the stringent ballot access restrictions for independent candidates in New York, characterizing them as designed to prevent candidates like Mr. Kennedy from achieving what they have accomplished.

As a former Democrat who is now running as an independent, Mr. Kennedy has been working to secure a spot on the presidential ballot in all 50 states. The campaign has reported successful ballot access in several states and has collected enough signatures in multiple others, including New Hampshire, Nevada, and New Jersey.

In the latest polling averages from Real Clear Politics, President Biden and former President Trump are leading, with Mr. Kennedy as the only third-party candidate seeing double-digit support. He has garnered 10.6% of the support, while the other third-party candidates, Cornel West and Jill Stein of the Green Party, trail behind.

Written by Staff Reports

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