Roman Emperor Goes Unisex? Museum Slaps ‘She/Her’ Tags on Display!

The North Hertfordshire Museum in England has made the conspicuous decision to designate an ancient Roman Emperor as transgender and employ feminine pronouns in order to advance liberal agenda-setting. The museum, which is conveniently administered by a coalition of the Liberal Democrat and Labour Party, arrived at this conclusion. On the basis of questionable historical sources, they assert that Roman Emperor Elagabalus ought to be referred to as "she." This decision serves as further evidence of the awakened left's attempt to alter the course of history to support their own narrative.

Cassius Dio, a historian and Roman senator, purportedly provided the museum with dubious information, stating that Elagabalus requested the appellation "lady" and counterfeit female body parts. It is essential to observe, however, that Dio had an incentive to discredit Elagabalus' successor because he was a political ally of that individual. Why then do we place our trust in such a biased account?

Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, an esteemed classics professor, notes that the Romans lacked the same comprehension of transgender identities as we do today. The term "behaving "as a woman" was in fact applied to males as an insult. It is evident that the woke left is attempting to impose its contemporary conception of gender onto an ancient civilization whose values and norms were wholly different.

Tom Holland, a renowned historian, casts doubt on the veracity of these assertions, arguing that it is not reasonable to presume that the perspectives of British museum curators in 2023 accurately reflect Roman gender norms. The act of imposing one's own politically correct beliefs onto historical figures is a perilous endeavor.

However, Keith Hoskins, a councillor for the Liberal Democrats, maintains that Elagabalus preferred female pronouns and that using them is merely courteous and deferential. This action further exemplifies the left's fixation on pronouns and their determination to reshape history to suit their own narratives. It is not permissible for them to alter historical records and impose their distorted worldview.

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