San Fran’s Death March: Democrat Policies Fuel OD Crisis

Must be hard being a city riddled with drug deaths every day, huh? That’s exactly what happens when a city chooses sanctuary policies, lets convicted criminals run loose, and throws open the Southern border for all sorts of troublemakers. Yeah, it’s heart-wrenching seeing all these overdoses, but hey, that’s the choice San Francisco made.

So, guess what? San Francisco is having its deadliest year ever for drug overdoses, and wouldn’t ya know, it’s all thanks to those powerful synthetic drugs flooding in. A report from the far-left Guardian says August was a bloodbath – one overdose every nine hours. Yep, that’s right. EVERY. NINE. HOURS.

But hey, that’s what you get when you vote for Democrats, amirite? They’ve made it crystal clear they’re all about letting in all kinds of trouble, turning a blind eye to drugs, and setting criminals free. And guess what? The people of San Francisco were totally cool with that when they cast their votes. So, hey, they made their bed, now they gotta lie in it.

Cartels are sneaking in deadly drugs, and guess what? San Francisco politicians are fine with doing absolutely NOTHING. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about those convicted felons dealing drugs specifically made to kill Americans. But, you know, it’s all good with the folks in San Francisco apparently, ’cause they sure keep voting for more of the same.

The Democrats in San Francisco want to live in this nightmare. It’s their choice. They vote and vote for all this chaos. And that’s on them. Meanwhile, the rest of us get to live in clean, safe, and tolerant areas where we don’t have to deal with this mess.

So go ahead and keep making your choices, San Francisco. It’s still a free country, after all. And while Democrats voted for more drug deaths, riots, and violence, the rest of us just keep enjoying our safe and clean cities.

That’s how it goes in this great nation where everyone gets what they ask for. I vote for peace and prosperity. Democrats vote for chaos and destruction.

God bless America.

Written by Staff Reports

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