Senator Mike Lee Slams Biden CBP App Claims Terrorist Threat

Republican Senator Mike Lee criticized President Biden’s CBP One mobile app for allegedly allowing terrorists to enter the country while speaking on Fox Business. Senator Lee was advocating for his VALID Act, a bill that would prohibit the TSA from accepting the usage of the CBP One app. He shared concerns regarding the arrest of six individuals with ties to ISIS, one of whom reportedly entered the country using the CBP One app.

Senator Lee raised issues about the lack of stringent identification requirements for individuals using the CBP One app, suggesting it poses a national security risk. He emphasized that American citizens have to provide valid forms of ID while traveling, but illegal immigrants can allegedly exploit the app to enter the country without proper documentation. Lee questioned the potential number of terrorists who might have entered the U.S. through the same method. 


Critics argue that the CBP One app provides a legal pathway for migrants seeking exemptions from Title 42, a Trump-era public health measure related to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Senator Lee and other conservatives believe that the app’s lax ID verification process poses a threat to national security. They accuse Democrats of downplaying concerns about terrorists entering the country through the southern border. 


The Department of Homeland Security describes the CBP One app as a tool for noncitizens to submit information before arriving at certain southwest border ports of entry. Despite its intended purpose, Senator Lee and his supporters argue that the app’s vulnerabilities have been exposed by the case of the arrested terrorist. They advocate for stricter measures to prevent potential security risks associated with the app.

In conclusion, Senator Mike Lee’s criticism of the CBP One app reflects broader conservative concerns about national security and immigration policies under the Biden administration. The ongoing debate highlights differing perspectives on border security and the effectiveness of government programs in safeguarding the country.

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