Shocking: Biden’s Twitter Airbrushes Age Away!

Influencers of the Democratic Party have been known to photoshop images of President Biden in order to make him appear younger. Now, the president's Twitter account is also participating in the fun.

On the same day, Joe Biden's campaign account released two images of him and Donald Trump, and it made a mockery of the former's image. The first image showed Trump at a golf course, and the second image showed Biden leaving Air Force One. The former's image was then juxtaposed with a confident and bright image of him.

The original image of Biden appeared on the White House's Twitter account in March of 2023, and it looks like his face has been digitally altered. In addition, his wrinkles have been reduced, and his complexion has been smoothed out.

The use of such imagery shows how anxious the Democrats are about Biden's age, and how it could impact his chances of winning another term. According to Real Clear Politics, Biden is currently leading Donald Trump by a single point, and over 77% of Americans think he's too old to run for a second term.

When asked what words people would use to describe Biden, most of them would likely say "old," "outdated," or "elderly." It's not clear if Biden's attempt at digitally altering his image would be enough to sway voters.

Written by Staff Reports

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