SHOCKING: Hunter Biden Tipped off Chinese Business Partners with FBI Help

In a surprising disclosure, it has been reported that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, received information from an FBI informant nicknamed "one-eye," who tipped off his questionable Chinese business associates about an ongoing investigation into their activities. According to journalist Miranda Devine, who originally leaked the story, the supposed informant provided details to Biden's business partner, Patrick Ho, enabling him to evade arrest.

During an interview with Fox News, Tucker Carlson suggested that the Bidens and the FBI might be collaborating in secret. He pointed out the absence of any legal action taken against Hunter Biden despite the existence of evidence of criminal behavior on his laptop. "There is a possibility that the FBI is working with Hunter Biden," Carlson remarked.

Miranda Devine supported Tucker Carlson's assertion by affirming that "we know that Hunter Biden did have connections within the FBI," which he utilized for the benefit of his Chinese business associates. This disclosure has brought up serious concerns, not only regarding the Bidens, but also about the FBI's integrity.

It is worth noting the irony in this circumstance as the Biden administration claims to uphold transparency and ethical principles. Nevertheless, recent events have demonstrated otherwise. It is evident that the Bidens are willing to exploit their political authority for personal gain, even if it involves colluding with the FBI.

In summary, this revelation is highly distressing and warrants further investigation. The public has the right to know the complete extent of the Bidens' involvement in this scandal, as well as any possible collusion between the Bidens and the FBI. Transparency and accountability are necessary in Washington, and this situation emphasizes the urgent need for them.

Written by Staff Reports

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