Smoking Gun Exposed: Hunter Biden Email Flips Game on its Head!

It seems like the Biden family’s shady dealings are back in the spotlight once again. Fox News recently reported on an email from November 2, 2015, which reveals Hunter Biden and Burisma executives discussing ways to counter any federal investigations into Burisma’s founder, Mykola Zlochevsky. This email is being hailed as a “smoking gun” by Republicans, and for good reason. It shows that Hunter Biden and Burisma were actively working to shut down any cases against them.

In the email, Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi calls for concrete actions, including meetings with high-ranking US officials in Ukraine to express their support for Burisma. It’s clear that they were trying to garner favor and protect themselves from scrutiny. But who were these US officials that they were targeting? The email conveniently does not name names, suggesting that they wanted to be cautious. How suspicious.

Not only does this email raise questions about the Bidens’ involvement in Burisma, but it also casts doubt on Joe Biden’s excuse for firing the Ukrainian prosecutor. Joe has claimed that he wanted to remove the prosecutor because he was corrupt and not pursuing investigations. But if that were true, why would they need to engage Blue Star, a lobbying firm, to help them shut down any cases against Burisma? It simply doesn’t add up.

And let’s not forget about the laptop email that was suppressed by the mainstream media. This email revealed a meeting between Vadym Pozharskyi and Joe Biden, directly contradicting Joe’s claim that he never discussed his son’s business. The powers that be did everything they could to bury this story, but it ultimately opened the floodgates to even more damning information about Joe Biden. It’s clear that they were desperate to keep the truth from the American people.

To make matters even more concerning, it has been revealed that Blue Star, the lobbying firm working for Burisma, had contact with the Obama/Biden administration. They were even on a conference call held by the White House about Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to Ukraine. It seems like the Bidens were not only involved in questionable dealings with Burisma but also had connections within the highest levels of the Obama administration. Coincidence? I think not.

And let’s not forget that Blue Star was also reaching out to people in the State Department. They were trying to set up meetings to discuss Ukraine and Burisma, and they even dropped Hunter Biden’s name in their communications. It’s clear that they were using every possible connection to protect themselves and further their own interests.

Now, Republicans are rightly calling for a full investigation into the Bidens’ involvement with Burisma and the corruption that seems to be surrounding them. Rep. Virginia Foxx raises serious concerns about the machinations that were at play and calls for a deep dive into the Biden crime family’s corruption. Rep. Clay Higgins goes even further, demanding that Joe Biden resign and be forever condemned. The Democrats can no longer ignore these damning allegations.

It’s time for the truth to come out, and for the Department of Justice to stop covering up the Bidens’ corruption. The American people deserve answers, transparency, and accountability. And Fox News, I hate to break it to you, but your new story wasn’t “First on Fox.” Tucker Carlson was discussing this email back in October 2020, and other news outlets, including ours, were covering it as well. The Republicans must take action and digest all of this information. The Bidens’ shady dealings cannot go unpunished.

Written by Staff Reports

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