Sneaky Biden Sets Treacherous Traps for Future GOP Leaders!

A story from the New York Sun says that President Joe Biden is up to his old tricks again. It turns out that Biden is making it harder for future Republican leaders to control the powerful bureaucrats on the left who run our country. It's almost like he wants to make sure that his policies and ideas stay in place no matter who is in charge. What a power-hungry thing to do!

The plan seems to be to make it hard for future administrations to change or get rid of certain policies and procedures by putting them deep into the governmental system. This is just another way the left tries to stop our democracy from working. They can't win the right way, so they use sneaky methods like this one.

And let's not forget the people who work for the government. Most of them lean to the left and back the Democrats. In fact, 95 percent of unionized federal workers who give money to political candidates give to Democrats, while only 5 percent give to Republicans. It's not surprising that some of these bureaucrats slow down or even stop the plans of a Republican president. They know they can get away with it because, no matter who wins the President, the deep state will still be in charge.

But don't worry, my conservative friends, because some GOP candidates have promised to get rid of these roadblocks. Vivek Ramaswamy, Governor DeSantis, and President Trump are all ready to take on the "deep state" and put the president's plan first. It's about time that lawyers, Ph.D.s, and other top-level bureaucrats actually carried out the policies that the American people voted for instead of pushing their own agendas.

Biden has already taken steps to protect the workers and make it harder for future Republicans to be president. He got rid of a Trump order that would have made it harder for many government workers to keep their jobs. Biden wants to make sure that these workers can't be fired at will, even if their jobs are changed. It's a clear move to keep the deep state in power and stop any real change from happening.

This is a risky game that Biden is playing, and it could lead to bad things. If future Republican presidents can't figure out how to work with or change the bureaucratic structure, it could make the executive office and the bureaucracy fight more. We're already a split country, and this will only make things worse. It's time to stop the left from grabbing power and bring balance back to our government.

Written by Staff Reports

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