Socialist Plot Exposed: Dems’ $3.5T Bill to Bankrupt Middle-Class America

The Democrats are at it again – trying to push their radical socialist agenda on the American people under the guise of an “infrastructure bill.” The bill, which is set to cost a staggering $3.5 trillion, is just the latest example of the left’s insatiable thirst for government spending.

The Democrats are trying to sell this bill as a necessary investment in America’s crumbling infrastructure, but the truth is far more nefarious. This is just another attempt by the left to expand the size and scope of the federal government, all while burdening hardworking American taxpayers with even more debt.

It is mind-boggling that the Democrats think they can get away with this blatant attempt at a socialist takeover of our country. This bill would not only increase government control over our economy but also would raise taxes on the middle class to fund its massive price tag.

Moreover, this bill is nothing more than a Trojan horse for left-wing policies that would further erode our freedoms and liberties. The left wants to use this bill to implement their radical climate change agenda, which would cost even more taxpayer dollars and destroy jobs while doing little to actually address the issue.

In the end, this bill is yet another example of the Democrats’ blind devotion to big government and their disdain for fiscal responsibility. The American people must stand up against this socialist takeover and demand that our elected officials put an end to this reckless spending spree before it’s too late.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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