Stephen Green Skewers CNN Panel, Highlights Debate Delays and Biden Flops

Stephen Green, a conservative commentator, recently shared his take on a CNN panel discussing the upcoming debate. Despite the deep discussion about democracy, Green pointed out the lack of substance compared to a typical pot-smoke-filled dorm room. He also humorously noted the dwindling viewership of CNN, highlighting the contrast with the significance they try to project.

Green expressed skepticism over rumors that CNN might delay the debate for editing purposes, likening it to a 1982 Orson Welles brine level of salt. In a playful tone, he mentioned starting the “drunkblog” for the night, adding a light-hearted touch to the political discourse surrounding the event. 


Switching gears, Green touched on Trump and Biden’s differing approaches at a recent event. He observed Trump’s calm demeanor and strong presence, contrasting it with Biden’s perceived desperation and lackluster performance. Through his witty commentary, Green portrayed Trump in a positive light while critiquing Biden’s public image.

Green also delved into the topic of taxation, proposing to tax America’s “thousand trillionaires” to secure the country’s financial future. His tongue-in-cheek suggestion added a touch of humor to the serious subject of economic policy, catering to his conservative audience’s perspective.

In typical fashion, Green brought a comedic angle to the discussion of political hairstyles, suggesting that Trump’s ’80s vibe with Tresemme Mousse was on point while making light of Biden’s supposed lackluster appearance. His irreverent tone and satirical commentary captured the attention of his readers, offering a conservative take on current events with a dash of humor.

Written by Staff Reports

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