Subpoenas Fly Over Shady Biden Deals: Family & Associates Must Spill!

The House Oversight Committee is getting down to business, literally, as it sends out subpoenas to shake up the Biden family tree. Hunter Biden, along with his charismatic uncle James Biden and former colleague Rob Walker, have been summoned to provide depositions regarding the Biden family’s foreign business escapades. And let’s be honest, there have been quite a few.

Chairman James Comer wasted no time in dropping some fire with a statement. He declared that the committee has followed the money and built a mountain of evidence proving that Joe Biden not only knew about, but greatly benefited from his family’s sketchy influence peddling. Unlike the many fibs President Biden has spun, bank records don’t lie. And according to those records, Joe Biden was shamelessly pimped out to the highest bidder, all in the name of fattening the Biden bank accounts.

Oh, but the list doesn’t stop with Hunter and James. The Oversight Committee wants to hear from the whole fam-damily, including James Biden’s wife Sara, Hunter’s former flame Hallie Biden, and even Hunter’s current wife Melissa Cohen. No one is safe from the committee’s prying eyes.

The Biden family and their cronies raked in a mind-boggling $24 million from their shady dealings with Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania, and Kazakhstan. This revelation comes from a House memo released in September, just ahead of the first impeachment inquiry hearing. And you thought the Bidens were living that “middle-class Joe” life. Think again.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any juicier, it does. Bank records from the Oversight Committee show that James Biden sent a cool $200,000 to good ol’ Joe himself in March 2018. Coincidentally, that was the same day the distressed healthcare company Americore loaned that exact amount of money to James. If you’re wondering why James felt inclined to send so much moolah to his big bro, well, he claimed his last name could open doors. And with political connections like his, who can blame him for making withdrawals from the Bank of Biden?

Meanwhile, the committee uncovered a little check for $40,000 made out to Joe Biden from none other than Sara Biden, James’s wife. And this exchange took place in September 2017, just when a hefty sum from China found its way into Hunter and James’s bank accounts. The White House tried to play it cool, brushing off the payments to Joe as simple loan repayments from his brother. Yeah, right. We’ve heard some tall tales in our day, but that one takes the cake.

But it doesn’t end there, folks. Rob Walker, the elusive former business associate, received a generous $3 million from the Chinese firm State Energy HK in 2017. And what did he do with that mountain of cash? He decided to spread the love around, sending about $1 million to Biden family accounts and another $1 million to a company linked to James Gilliar, another former business associate. Talk about playing Santa Claus with other people’s money.

Bank records have spilled the beans on the dirty details of the Biden family’s lucrative shell company operation. More than 20 of these sneaky entities were set up during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, proving that the family knows how to multitask. Walker used a company called Robinson Walker LLC to handle payments from the State Energy HK account. It’s the kind of creativity we’d expect from a family that made politics and shady business deals their side hustle.

There’s no denying it now. The House Oversight Committee is on a mission to expose the Biden family’s web of corruption. With subpoenas flying left and right, it’s clear that they won’t be satisfied until they get all the answers they’re looking for. And if the past is any indication, the Bidens better buckle up for a wild ride. The truth is coming, and it’s about to hit them harder than a Joe Biden gaffe at a press conference. Hold on tight, folks. This is gonna be good.

Written by Staff Reports

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