Ted Cruz Sounds Alarm Over Left’s ‘Election Variant’ Scheme

The COVID pandemic has once again found its way into the headlines, just as the 2024 presidential election is about to begin. On Monday, it was reported that First Lady Jill Biden had contracted the virus. President Joe Biden, whose disregard for CDC guidelines led to his wearing of a mask several times, is following the agency's advice.

During his podcast, Senator Ted Cruz warned about what he referred to as the "most deadly variant" of COVID that he has ever seen. He said that the left will use this strategy to shut down the government before the election in order to force voters to participate in mail-in ballots. As a conservative, it is clear that the Democrats are using this tactic to gain an unfair advantage.

In his podcast, Senator Ted Cruz talked about the left's obsession with mask mandates. He noted that these are absurd and serve as a way for the left to control the population. He also shared an anecdote about a prominent Democrat senator who was seen wearing a mask. Although he didn't name the individual, it's clear that he was referring to Ed Markey. The sign that the politician has outside his office requires people to wear masks.

Due to the increasing number of school and public places requiring people to wear masks, Senator Ted Cruz is not happy about this practice. He noted that it's a violation of people's personal freedom and that it's not safe to require people to wear masks. He was joined by other conservative experts such as Michael Smerconish of CNN. Dr. Fauci, who gave conflicting advice on the use of masks, was also interviewed.

Despite Fauci's support for masks, Cruz is not buying it. He noted that the doctor's flip-flops on the issue have raised questions about his credibility.

With the possible threat of more government shutdowns and mask mandates returning, Cruz and his cohost Ben Ferguson called on Americans to resist. They noted that the Democrats are planning on implementing more mandates and even resorting to shutting down the economy if necessary. Biden also stated that he would do the same thing.

According to Cruz, the Democrats are only interested in listening to scientists who provide their opinions. Americans must rise up and reject the fear-mongering tactics of the Democrats.

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