Texas GOP Pushes Impeachment of Own AG: Paxton’s Scandal Grows, Senate Next

Texas House of Representatives Investigative Committee Recommends Impeachment for Republican State Attorney General Ken Paxton

In a decisive vote of 5-0, the Texas House of Representatives’ GOP-led investigative committee concluded that the state Attorney General Ken Paxton be impeached for his controversial administrative actions. The five-member committee met on Wednesday to discuss allegations of unprofessional behavior brought against Paxton, who was found guilty of breaking laws and misusing power by promoting a political donor and engaging in various other unethical activities.

Although Paxton has repeatedly denied the allegations and called them hearsay, the committee found substantial evidence to suggest that Paxton abused his capacity and the use of official information along with indulging in retaliation against whistleblowers. In addition, he was indicted for felony security charges back in 2015, which did not prevent him from being re-elected twice to the position of Attorney General.

The committee has recommended impeachment to the state Senate, and if approved, Paxton would be removed immediately, pending a trial on the charges. It is not the first time Paxton has been implicated for his dubious acts. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also conducting an investigation against him for allegations of bribery, made by whistleblowers from his office.

However, Paxton continues to deny wrongdoing and has even claimed that he was targeted and that the probe against him is “illegal.” In response to the committee’s recommendation, Paxton’s office said that the investigation is “false” and “full of errors big and small.” Such outright denial, despite compelling evidence against him, highlights a lack of accountability on his part and shows that he holds his office for personal gains, not for serving the state or its citizens.

Therefore, this committee’s decision serves as a wake-up call to politicians who prioritize their interests over their duties. It is imperative to hold such individuals accountable and set an example of political productivity since, after all, an official’s primary role is to serve and protect their constituents. The Texas House committee’s decision is a crucial first step in bringing those guilty of malpractice to justice.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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