Tipping Etiquette Evolution: Exposing the Shift in Social Expectations!

It seems like everything is changing these days, from social norms to expectations. One thing that is particularly irksome to the author is the rise of tipping in unexpected places, like airport kiosks. As the author recounts his experience at Newark Airport, he is infuriated by the audacity of a self-checkout machine asking for a tip. In a time of record-high inflation, it’s hard to stomach the idea of adding more money to the bill, especially when no humans are involved. The author firmly believes that tipping should only occur when good service is received, not for the mere act of making a purchase.

The issue of tipping has gotten out of hand, with tipflation running rampant. While the author considers himself a ge

nerous tipper for good service, he has no qualms about leaving a nickel for a waiter who provided terrible service. The tip system was originally designed to incentivize good service, but it has become excessive and burdensome. The author agrees with the sentiment that businesses should prioritize pleasing their customers, rather than asking for gratuities on large bills or repairs. Survival in the business world depends on customer satisfaction, not on excessive tipping.

Tipping isn’t the only societal norm that is changing, either. The author recalls the days when men would open car doors for women, but those days seem to be long gone. As annoying as it is to see people walking around in pajama pants at the airport or the increase in crimes against the elderly, the author believes it all stems from a sense of entitlement. People feel entitled to more and more, without regard for others or the consequences of their actions.

The author proudly identifies as one who opposes the changing norms of society. He firmly believes in tipping for good service, but will not tip a machine or reward bad service. He also adheres to traditional manners and etiquette, such as uncovering his head at the dinner table and holding doors for people. There are still some of us who resist the tide of change and advocate for a return to traditional values and expectations.

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