Trump Advisor Roger Stone Challenges Rogan to a Fight of Words in the Octagon!

Another bizarre incident involving Donald Trump and pop culture has occurred. This time, he is connected to Roger Stone, a prominent Republican consultant. Joe Rogan is a popular podcaster who also hosts a show on Spotify.

The disarming manner and wide range of guests that make Joe Rogan a fan favorite make him an ideal interviewer. In a recent interview with rapper Ice Cube, Rogan displayed his remarkable ability to create quotable and interesting statements. It is no wonder that Donald Trump has expressed his desire to appear on his podcast, though Rogan has already rejected his requests.

After he was seen shaking hands with a mixed martial arts fighter in Las Vegas, Trump asked his advisers to come up with new ways to interview Joe Rogan. One of these new methods reportedly involves arranging a cage match between Stone and Rogan.

Stone, who is 70 years old, is reportedly willing to face off against Rogan in a mixed martial arts match. Rogan is 55 years old, and Stone doesn't stand a chance against him. It's a bit insane to think that Stone would be willing to fight him.

It’s clear that Rogan is hesitant to interview Trump due to the media frenzy that would follow the event. As a highly-listened-to podcaster, he might feel overwhelmed by the endless media coverage that would follow the interview.

Given his libertarian views, it's not surprising that Rogan would be hesitant to give Donald Trump an interview. Personally, I would like to see a cage match involving Stone and Rogan, but I believe that this idea could be best viewed as a reality TV stunt.

Written by Staff Reports

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