Trump Blasts 60 Minutes for Pampering Biden, Masking His Lost Child Persona

Former President Donald Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with CBS and their program "60 Minutes" for what he considered a soft approach to President Joe Biden during a recent interview. Trump vented his frustrations on his new social media platform, Truth Social, where he criticized both the network and anchor Scott Pelley for their handling of the interview.

Trump didn't mince words, labeling Biden as "the most corrupt and incompetent President in the history of the United States." He even drew comparisons to the Carter Administration, suggesting that, in contrast, they appear "absolutely brilliant." The former President also pointed out a range of issues, including matters in the Middle East, the situation in Ukraine, rising inflation, economic concerns, border security, the Afghanistan withdrawal, escalating gas prices, and more, all as examples of what he viewed as Biden's shortcomings.

In Trump's view, Pelley's attempt to generate sympathy for Biden fell short. Before the interview aired, Pelley provided a disclaimer about Biden's age, noting that he would soon be turning 81 and referencing the President's lifelong struggle with stuttering. Trump couldn't help but draw a sharp contrast to his own experience with "60 Minutes" in 2020, recalling his contentious exchange with CBS News' Lesley Stahl. During that interview, Stahl dismissed the Hunter Biden scandal and claimed that the laptop could not be verified.

In a somewhat humorous turn, Trump even shared a video depicting himself interviewing Biden on "60 Minutes," as opposed to Pelley. He expressed a desire for a one-on-one debate between himself and Biden, sans partisan moderators and with no limitations on response times. Trump believed that, with his strong command of the facts, he would dominate such a discussion. He went on to highlight that during his presidency, the nation did not experience issues like significant inflation, a porous border, or international conflicts such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Hamas's attacks on Israel. The former President also took issue with what he saw as a media double standard, asserting that they treated Biden with kid gloves, unlike the treatment he and other Republicans received. In his opinion, the biased treatment of Biden by "60 Minutes" and the media at large was nothing short of shameful.

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