Trump Campaign Outstrips Biden by $60 Million in May Fundraising Surge

The tide is turning, folks. Donald Trump’s campaign blasted past Joe Biden’s fundraising efforts last month, outstripping the incumbent president by a whopping $60 million. The Trump team pulled in a staggering $141 million in May, and if that doesn’t illustrate the base’s enthusiasm, nothing will. Biden and his Democratic handlers tried valiantly with their $85 million, but let’s face it, that’s chump change in comparison.

Biden’s campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee, scraped together $85 million and reported $212 million in the bank by month’s end. But hold the confetti—most of that haul didn’t factor in recent donations that included roughly $40 million from glitzy fundraisers helmed by none other than Barack Obama and Hollywood’s elite. Oh, and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg tossed in $20 million to prop up the sagging ship.

It’s almost laughable to see the Democrats attempting to downplay Trump’s momentum. Despite a laundry list of felony convictions, Trump’s campaign saw a massive influx of support. The Trump and Republican National Committee brought in $141 million last month, with a huge bump immediately following the guilty verdict. If Biden’s camp isn’t already sweating, they should be. Heck, even billionaire Timothy Mellon thought it wise to throw $50 million behind Trump, right after the convictions were reported.

Biden’s minions might chortle about Trump’s legal fees, but they’re missing the plot. Enthusiasm for Trump has only grown. The left doesn’t realize— or refuses to accept—that Trump and his base are rewriting the rules of presidential politics. Instead of shrinking from controversy, his supporters are doubling down, tossing their hard-earned dollars into the ring to ensure Trump’s voice remains loud and clear. 


And speaking of voice, Trump’s backers aren’t just giving; they are also investing. The pro-Trump Super PAC MAGA Inc. lined up $3.5 million for TV ads in key states like Georgia and Pennsylvania, thanks to Mellon’s massive donation. The GOP is not backing down; they’re preparing for a fight from the ground up, just as voters start tuning into the election cycle.

In stark contrast, Biden’s side looks a bit desperate, relying on high-profile fundraisers attended by stars and political has-beens. Let’s not overlook Bloomberg, who forked over $19 million to keep the lights on at pro-Biden group Future Forward. Biden’s campaign likes to tout grassroots support, but when billionaires are the ones really footing the bill, it becomes a hard sell. And while they boast about teachers and retirees pitching in, it’s clear that real enthusiasm—and cash—is flowing on the other side.

So here we are, with Democrats clinging to their dwindling advantages while Trump surges ahead fueled by a groundswell of support. If fundraising numbers are any indication—and they usually are—the Trump train is barreling towards 2024 with steam to spare, and Biden’s camp better brace for impact.

Written by Staff Reports

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