Trump Could be Disqualified for 2024 Election if this Conservative is Successful…

Donald Trump is facing a legal challenge regarding his potential presidential run in 2024.

In a lawsuit filed on Friday, John Anthony Castro argued that Trump was not eligible according to the Constiution because he was not qualified to be president under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Disqualification Clause states that anyone who engages in acts of rebellion or insurrection against the US is prohibited from holding public office. Castro argues that Trump's actions during the January 6th uprising should disqualify him from running for office.

According to Castro, the Fourteenth Amendment's Framers intended for it to provide a cause for action and to self-execute. He claims that the Union tried to prevent the Confederacy from holding public office by making it unconstitutional.

The Disqualification Clause has been dormant since 1869. Last fall, a judge in New Mexico removed Cowboys for Trump founder and Otero County Commissioner, Couy Griffin, from his position after he breached the state's Capitol complex.

Before Trump officially announced his intention to run for president, Noah Bookbinder, the president of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), stated that there was enough evidence to show that Trump committed an act of rebellion.

On his website, Castro claims to be a conservative who is running a traditional, libertarian-oriented campaign. He is focused on reducing the national budget and providing single-payer health care.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Castro stated that he was aware of the groups' intention to disqualify Trump, but he also noted that they would have to wait until later this year when more states accept candidate filings.

His case was scheduled to be tried before Judge Aileen Cannon, who was Trump's choice to lead the Department of Justice. Cannon was the judge who helped shut down the investigation into the former president's use of classified documents.

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