Trump Crushes Iowa Polls, GOP Rivals Eat His Dust

Former President Donald Trump is dominating the polls in Iowa like a boss, showing that he still has the Republican Party in the palm of his hand. And guess what? He’s achieving this success all on his own, without any help from Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-IA) or the Republican Governors Association. That’s right, folks! Trump’s allies are saying that he doesn’t need the RGA at all, and he’s not afraid to say, “You’re fired!” to them.

It looks like Trump is so over Gov. Reynolds because she had the nerve to endorse Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) in the GOP primary, instead of giving Trump the love and support he deserves. The New York Times reported that Trump plans to steer clear of the RGA during the 2024 election cycle because of Reynolds’s choice. It’s like a breakup, folks, but in political terms!

The tension between Trump and Reynolds started a while ago when she decided to stay neutral in the Iowa caucuses. I mean, come on, it’s Iowa! You can’t be neutral there! Trump was quick to remind everyone that he endorsed her and, like a true gentleman, took credit for her success. But Reynolds wasn’t having it and pushed back, causing even more drama between the two.

Then things really hit the fan when Reynolds went ahead and endorsed DeSantis. Trump and his crew were not happy. Trump even released a video calling Reynolds “the most unpopular governor in the entire United States of America.” Ouch! Reynolds is standing her ground though, defending her choice by saying the Republican Party needs a winner. But let’s be real, can anyone really compete with Trump’s winning streak?

The RGA, which Reynolds used to lead, is also caught up in this whole mess. The new RGA chairman, Gov. Bill Lee (R-TN), said he’s not going to endorse a president in the 2024 election because he’s focused on getting governors elected. He basically threw shade at Reynolds, hinting that she’s not good at endorsing anyway. It’s like a soap opera! Drama, drama, drama!

But you know what? Despite all this chaos, Trump is still raking in the support and endorsements. He’s got the backing of the Republican Party’s House and Senate campaign committee chairmen and endorsements from almost 100 members of the House and 19 Senate Republicans. And don’t forget the seven Republican governors who are Team Trump all the way. It’s like a parade of support for the former president!

So, while Reynolds and the RGA are having their little squabble, Trump is out here collecting endorsements like they’re going out of style. It’s like the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” And Trump is showing he’s still the toughest in the GOP. Watch out, 2024! The Trump train is coming through!

Written by Staff Reports

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