Trump Gains Significant Support Among Black Voters Biden’s Backing Declines

In a recent CBS News/YouGov poll, it has been revealed that former President Donald Trump is gaining traction among black voters. The poll reflects a noteworthy increase in support for Trump, with 23 percent of black voters now backing him, almost doubling the figure from 2020.

On the other hand, President Joe Biden is experiencing a decline in support among black voters, as indicated by the same poll. While exit polling in 2020 showed 87 percent of black voters support Biden, the recent CBS News/YouGov poll reveals only 75 percent backing him.

As Trump continues to make strides in garnering support from black voters, a pilot program for a voter advocacy group in Milwaukee highlighted the lukewarm enthusiasm for Biden among black men. One interviewee, barber Rome Simmons, humorously referred to Biden as “Sleepy Joe,” while another, Lorenzo Davis, expressed his intent to vote for Trump due to his focus on American-made products and business initiatives.

The shift in black voter support has not gone unnoticed, with Republican Senator Tim Scott pointing out that the ongoing trials involving Trump are driving black voters away from the Democratic Party. Trump’s campaign has actively engaged in outreach efforts toward black voters, recognizing the importance of their support in future elections.

In response to Trump’s increasing appeal and Biden’s waning support among black voters, it is evident that the political landscape is evolving. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for further updates and analysis on this developing trend.

Written by Staff Reports

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