Trump Gives Full Support: Mike Braun is Indiana’s Future Governor!

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed the campaign for governor of Indiana Senator Mike Braun. Trump expressed his strong support for Mike Braun, stating, "I wholeheartedly endorse him to succeed me as the governor of the magnificent state of Indiana." Braun is up against formidable competition in the election, including Republican Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and other candidates. Therefore, this endorsement is crucial.

Braun immediately expressed his appreciation for the support received from Trump. "I am honored to receive the support of former President Donald J. Trump, with whom I have collaborated in the implementation of the America First conservative economic agenda," he said. Braun places significant emphasis on the collaborative accomplishments they undertook, including tax reduction, job creation, appointment of constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, and advancements towards the border wall.

Braun's commitment to Trump's agenda and his congruence with "Hoosier values" are highlighted by his endorsement by Trump. Braun's efforts to aid law enforcement, secure borders, and combat what he refers to as the "woke fascist mob" that seeks to demolish the nation are commended by Trump. Trump holds the view that Braun, an America First conservative, possesses the wisdom to advocate for Indiana's values and foster economic growth.

Braun expresses comparable views, asserting, "Like him, I am a businessman who entered politics out of concern for America's trajectory and the incompetent politicians who neglected the interests of the people." Additionally, he emphasizes his previous joint triumph with Trump in triumphing over a liberal Democrat in the Senate election of 2018.

The support of Trump is certain to significantly enhance Braun's prospects in the gubernatorial contest, particularly in light of Trump's substantial popularity in Indiana, where he emerged victorious in 2020. Braun might have an edge over his Republican adversaries and Democratic candidate Jennifer McCormick with the backing of Trump and his established record of conservatism. Voters in Indiana can have faith that Braun will prioritize conservative solutions and defend their core values.

Written by Staff Reports

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