Biden Cheers US Exit from Gaza: Abandoning Allies?

President Biden celebrated the evacuation of U.S. citizens and other foreigners from Gaza as the Rafah border crossing into Egypt finally reopened after the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks. With a touch of pride, Biden announced in Minnesota that the successful departures were the result of “intense and urgent American diplomacy with our partners in the region.” He made it clear that this was just the beginning, and he anticipates thousands more foreign nationals, including American citizens, to flee the territory in the coming days.

While the exact number of Americans who were able to leave Gaza remains unknown, Biden assured the public that continuous efforts are being made to bring them to safety. The situation in Gaza continues to worsen as Israel relentlessly bombards the area, leading to a growing humanitarian crisis. Thousands of innocent civilians have already been displaced from their homes, and essential resources like food, water, and fuel are in short supply.

Israel’s recent attack on a densely populated refugee camp near Gaza City has only amplified the urgency of the situation. The destruction of apartment buildings and disturbing images of injured people, including children, being rushed to hospitals have garnered worldwide attention. Biden emphasized the need for the United States to provide humanitarian aid to support the innocent people of Gaza during this difficult time, even as the territory remains under the control of the terrorist organization Hamas.

The President also reaffirmed his stance that Israel has the right to defend its citizens from terror. However, he stressed the importance of conducting these defensive measures in adherence to international humanitarian law and with a primary focus on protecting civilian lives. Despite these challenging circumstances, Biden remains optimistic about the ongoing evacuation efforts and promises continued support for those affected.

Written by Staff Reports

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